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SYN : Like to Join ?  ~  Can i join?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:07 pm
Joined: Sun Dec 19, 2004 2:39 amPosts: 15
hey all synners i want to be in -SYN- b/c  {RS} SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   anyway i used to be in -SYN- and i liked it so please let me join thx please think about it shayne?    

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 8:16 am
SynnerJoined: Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:26 amPosts: 9851Location: Australia
(09:11:27) hey whats up?
(09:11:34) Orion-SYN-: yeeeoooh
(09:11:46) i quit {RS}
(09:12:00) ;)
(09:12:21) Orion-SYN-: so I heard
(09:13:08) i posted on the syn site to c if i could join but what do you think i know i mested up be4 but i wouln't this time
(09:13:27) Orion-SYN-: I don't like your chances
(09:13:38) ok
(09:13:43) sorry
(09:14:03) Orion-SYN-: np
(09:14:18) but im staying by my self so im open 4 gerabs
(09:14:46) but -SYN- is the only squad i want to be n
(09:15:10) i fot invited to ~SGF~
(09:15:18) got*
(09:15:58) what do you think about them?
(09:16:20) Orion-SYN-: they ok I guess
(09:16:27) Orion-SYN-: they used to be better
(09:16:47) so there not as good as -SYN-?
(09:18:42) would i have a chanch in -SYN-?
(09:19:16) Orion-SYN-: I dont think so
(09:19:29) Orion-SYN-: if you had left properly then no prob
(09:19:36) Orion-SYN-: but the way you left wasn't right
(09:19:56) Orion-SYN-: but I'll talk it over with the guys and see what they have too say
(09:20:33) hades and dark said it was cool
(09:22:46) Orion-SYN-: mate you just blew any chance you had right then
(09:23:07) Orion-SYN-: I'm on RW with Hades and Dark and they are telling me they said no such thing
(09:23:23) the reasen i quit {RS} was stealth wouldn't shout up and he was bossy i could under stand if you where bossing me around but not stealth he sucks and you good
(09:23:45) they did tho
(09:23:47) Orion-SYN-: well man you quit SYN
(09:24:15) Orion-SYN-: if you had told the guys before wearing RS tags it would have been cool
(09:24:20) so did RA
(09:24:31) Orion-SYN-: huh?
(09:25:01) RA-SYN-said it was cool
(09:25:13) Orion-SYN-: he wasnt in SYN when yu did what you did
(09:26:05) no but i ask him what he thout and he said he thout it was cool
(09:31:06) The conversation has become inactive and timed out.






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