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PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 3:09 pm
SynnerJoined: Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:26 amPosts: 9851Location: Australia
Competitor : Rob-AS-
Subject Title : Just a friendly hello
Source : Originally ... php?t=1068
But Rob-AS-, being the admin, removed it :neutral:

So here it is in it's entirety 8)

Anyway, here's how it goes..

ReiGnMaN (or, more affectionately, ReiGnLaG) discovers that Mikey has joined -AS- America's Army division without letting SoL know about it. For those readers who don't know, Mikey is also Sleipnir-SYN- in df2.

Mikey is a squad whore 8)

So ReiGn lobs over to -AS- forum to give them the heads up that, you know 'hey I know you guys talked Mikey over, thanks ever so much for letting us over at SoL know about it blah blah, etc. and so forth'. No swear words were used or anything vulgar at all. But the hint was that there was some underhanded shit at play due to the apparent secrecy regarding the whole situation.

Enter our champion.. Rob-AS- *trumpets sound*

Instead of simply replying to the thread as is the normal procedure in an online forum environment, our champion, Rob-AS-, takes it upon himself to completely edit ReiGn's original post, thereby removing any evidence that would incriminate -AS- regarding their finely tuned poaching techniques.

"Ooh not cool", I hear you say.

"Not at all cool", I concur.

Unfortunately for our champion, Rob-AS-, (but not for our readers) his prowess with words is well known to be found more than wanting. His edit contains grammatical errors on each and every line. Now under normal circumstances this wouldn't be a problem, except for the sad fact that his intentions were to personally belittle ReiGnLaG with the aforementioned editing procedure.

"Ooh he's in for it now!", I hear you say.

"He most certainly is!", I concur.

After seeing this atrocious editing attempt, ReiGnLaG reacts as one would expect.
He quotes the edit and corrects it like an English teacher.

"Ooh I bet Rob-AS- did poorly", I hear you say.

"You win the bet", I concur.

After reading the post and a rather thoughtless reply that it received from another genious (GymRat-AS-), I thought it prudent that I might make comment. My comments were apparently not well received.

"Ooh that doesn't surprise us at all", I hear you say.

"It didn't surprise anyone", I concur.

It seems the corrections pointed out forced such a state of embarassment upon our hero that he decided the only option available to him (short of suicide) was to remove the entire thread.

"Ooh that doesn't seem right", I hear you say.

"It doesn't", I concur.

After doing so, and possibly reckoning - quite rightly I should add - that someone would probably make a post asking wtf happened to the hilarious post poking fun of Rob-AS-, he banned both ReiGnLaG and myself as fast as his inky little fingers could click that mouse.

"Ooh that wasn't very nice", I hear you say.

"It wasn't", I concur.

After he banned both ReiGnLaG and myself, our hero then decides that now is the right time to make a post in an attempt to throw his comrades off track about what has actually just occured. He makes a new post titled "Bye Reign.. and Shayne"

"Ooh you guys were banned, you couldn't possibly see it", I hear you say.

"Not at first", I concur.

Our hero then proceeds to post ridicule and innuendo in an effort to rally the troops around himself and cast their mind far from the fact that he just edited someone's post, got verbally bitch slapped, then ran crying like a girl to the delete and ban buttons.

"Ooh what a rat", I hear you say.

"He gets skittish when the cat's around", I concur.

In his post he directs his conversation toward ReiGnLaG and myself, all the while knowing full well that as he has just banned the pair of us we can neither see nor reply to it. Additionally he hints at some code manipulation within df2 and finishes with the statement:
"Feel free to bitch piss and moan in SoL's or SYN's forums at will... "

"Ooh what a silly cunt", I hear you say.

"He's dumb and he smells of fish", I concur.





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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 9:13 am
SynnerJoined: Sun Jan 09, 2005 1:26 pmPosts: 489Location: Manchester
rubbish, i'm far more moronic  :-*


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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 12:26 pm
SynnerJoined: Mon May 15, 2006 6:41 pmPosts: 1290Location: St paddy`s secret stash
lol what a twat

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 8:14 pm
User avatarSynnerJoined: Tue Nov 02, 2004 3:44 amPosts: 699Location: Wishes I can order Taco Bell food and get someone who speaks ENGLISH!
rocker wrote:
rubbish, i'm far more moronic  

Agreed! :humped:

dm Min-SYN-
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:55 am
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i don`t like to say things that relate to anger often,but i wouldn`t piss in rob*as* ass if his guts were on fire due to my past dealings with him an some not mentioned.I would piss on him tho :)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 4:08 pm
User avatarSynnerJoined: Tue May 24, 2005 4:25 pmPosts: 3922Location: MADCHESTER!
lol your a sick fuck braaaa


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 7:09 pm
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Holy way to necro a fkn post Randall :P



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