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PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:46 pm
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A man was lost in the desert,but finally finds his way out.He spots a bar,then goes into it.The bartender who has a large hump on his back says hello to the man then asks if he would like to order.

The man asks how much it will cost for one shot of burbon.The bartender says $500.00.The man says "Damn thats a high price for a shot of burbon,so how much for one beer?" The bartender says $250.00.The man says it is still to high a price so he asks how much for just a glass of water.The bartender says $50.00.The man orders the water,then drinks it down and turns to leave.The bartender says " Hey mister I know you were upset so I just want to thank you for not saying anything about the hump on my back".The man says " Hump? Hell I thought that was your ass because everything else is so high here".

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