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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 4:29 pm
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Running GNOME version of Ubuntu 6.10 after switching from Mepis 6.0 that ran off of Debian/KDesktop.. was having difficulties with had an eye candy like GUI and thats all it was good for

This is the first time I tested it on games.  FPS increased of around ~10 on AA and counter strike 1.6 using Linux. I also found that I download much more faster, a good ~170 kbps. Also, my pings have decreased a bit.. I'm really loving the package manager and the add/remove programs program.. can add various types of applications there are sooo many

But I do more than game on here though.. I'm learning the OS... the console commands, and configuring the system.. shit the only console commands that I am failure with are SU, sh, apt-get install, ./, and that's about it...It is a bitch to install a simple program... I either have to convert an rpm into a bin using allen...or the run has to be in root in order for it to open up... gah

I was thinking about DF2 while installing steam and counter strike 1.6 using winex.. Is it possible to play df2 on here since it is openGL based?


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